33rd RTHK Gold Song Awards

Ella Koon displays her award at the 33rd RTHK Gold Song Awards in Hong Kong

The 33rd RTHK Gold awards took place outdoors in Science Park, Hong Kong on January 7th 2011. It looked like it was a cold night. I didn’t realize it got that cold in Hong Kong. There are four major awards ceremonies for music in Hong Kong. RTHK is the oldest (beginning in 1978) and it normally takes place last of the four. (I’ve written a bit about all four ceremonies HERE).

They really rush through the proceedings at the show. And I suppose they have to so that they don’t run on and on all night like the Academy Awards.

Among the award categories (which tend to change every year), they give awards to the singers of the ten biggest songs of the year. This year the awards went to…


Top 10 Gold Songs

陀飞轮 Eason Chan
爱的习惯 Justin Lo
破相 Joey Yung
罪人 Hacken Lee
天梯 C AllStar
时代 Leo Ku
雨过天阴 Kay Tse
不要惊动爱情 Sammi Cheng
以身试爱 Jade Kwan
Get Over You, G.E.M. 

Justin Lo received the Best Singer-Songwriter award. In more recent years, especially after Hong Kong’s return to China, RTHK began to offer awards to the best Mandarin-language songs. It is important to note that Mandarin songs that do well in Hong Kong do not always do well in Taiwan and Mainland China and vice versa. This year the awards went to…

Excellent Mandopop Song Award

Gold: 说谎 Yoga Lin
Silver: 玩乐 Khalil Fong
Bronze: 脆弱 Kay Tse

说谎 was not just a big hit in Hong Kong but all over China, so it definitely deserved the gold award. Yoga performed the song at the show.

The 33rd RTHK Song Awards also recognized both promising newcomers as well as singers that showed great improvement over the past year.

Newcomer with the Best Future

Gold: Sugar Club
Silver: JW
Bronze: C AllStar
Excellence: Jinny Ng, Shiga Lin, Benji & Lesley, Cindy Yen

Best Improvement This Year

Gold: RubberBand
Silver: Ella Koon
Bronze: Pakho Chau

Many people have talked about Ella Koon as being one of the best singers in Hong Kong and having all the right attributes for superstardom but mysteriously not yet making a big breakthrough. So her award was bittersweet.

The awards show also recognized singers with the highest album sales, and so it is not surprising that the media recommended awards were similar…

Singer with the Highest Album Sales this Year

Male Singer: Eason Chan
Female Singer: Sammi Cheng
Group: Mr.

Media Recommended Award

Male Singer: Eason Chan
Female Singer: Sammi Cheng
Song: 陀飞轮 Eason Chan

Eason Chan gave a concert in Vancouver in December that was apparently just fabulous. Sorry I missed it. 😦  His growing popularity throughout the Chinese-speaking world over the years was perhaps responsible for his winning the Global Chinese Supreme God Song Award for 陀飞轮. Hins Cheung took the Global Best Chinese Song for “Deadline”.

The show recognized excellence in singing with the following nods…

Global Best Singer Award

Male Singer: Khalil Fong
Female Singer: Li Yu Chun
Group: Soda Green

Excellent Pop Singer Award

G.E.M. / Joey Yung / Miriam Yeung / Janice Vidal / Kay Tse / Mr. / Khalil Fong / Leo Ku / Hacken Lee / Hins Cheung / Jason Chan / Eason Chan

The Most Excellent Pop Singer Award

Male Singer: Eason Chan
Female Singer: Joey Yung

Finally, a lifetime achievement award (called the golden needle) was given to Canadian singer Sally Yeh who performed all of her big hits from the past.

The 33rd RTHK awards paid tribute to the late Teresa Deng. Teresa Deng is considered the greatest Chinese pop singer of all-time.

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